40 Years Later: Def Leppard’s Logo Still Inspiring Greek Restaurants Across the World

Who would have thought that Def Leppard’s logo, debuting more than 40 years ago on the “On Through The Night” album, would go on to inspire countless Greek restaurants’ logos?They too would adopt that pointy style font for their logos, as if to say ‘Def, we hear ya.’

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Angular and to-the-point, the Def Leppard logo (originally created by Alan Schmidt), would appear on all of the band’s albums, finally taking the form we all know in yellow and red on their second album, “High and Dry“(1981). Arguably one of the most striking and memorable rock band logos of all time, it is no wonder it was plucked like a ripe olive and indoctrinated into Greek’s cultural cuisine landscape (at least in visual terms). I imagine the Greek people must have really embraced the music of Def Leppard, as well, despite being from Sheffield.

Pour Some Tzakiki on Muaaaaa. The other Greek gods, (from Sheffield) Def Leppard.

To better understand this influence, I talked with Greek restaurant owner, George Papadimetrious of Gyromania about how Def Leppard’s music influenced his passion for Greek food. In true, humble Greek fashion he pretended to not know what I was talking about, only to insist Leopard was not traditional to Greek cuisine, “we prefer lamb.”

Animal appetite? Listen to Def Leppard’s “Animal” on Cottage Country Vol. 15:

Opa! Cottagemixtape.com reached out to Def Leppard’s management for further comment and whether the band liked to put the french fries inna the gyro. They did not respond in time for the article.

Salty cheeses and salty guitar licks…
Listen to Def Leppard’s “Photograph” on Cottage Country Vol. 2 !


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