Cottage Country Mix Vol. 6

Cover for Cottage Country Volume 6 Rock Mixtape

I remember how the darkness doubled.
I recall, lightning struck itself

Here we are with another Rock DJ mix, Volume 6 of Dougie Boom’s Cottage Country Mix! This volume, a part of the “After Dark” series volumes 5-7, is great for those late nights in the great outdoors! Whether you are sitting around the campfire or taking the party indoors because its about to get rowdy into the wee hours. Also, good for late night dips, although Tony (the dog) does not approve. Featuring songs by Talking Heads, Boston, Mr. Mister, Fleetwood Mac, Sniff N Tears, Neil Young, Supertramp and many more… jump into it!

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Dougie Boom’s Cottage Country Vol. 6 Tracklisting

  1. Tom Robinson ‎– “Listen To The Radio (Atmospherics)”
  2. Talking Heads — “Take Me To The River”
  3. Robert Plant — “In The Mood”
  4. Mr. Mister — “Wings (New Found Land Edit)”
  5. Bruce Springsteen — “I’m On Fire (Cousin Cole’s Bad Desire Mix)”
  6. Red Rider — “Lunatic Fringe (Diggy & Dougie Edit)”
  7. Pink Floyd — “Young Lust”
  8. Idle Race — “The Morning Sunshine”
  9. Fleetwood Mac — “Keep On (Cosmo Vitelli Edit)”
  10. 10cc — “Dreadlock Holiday”
  11. Climax Blues Band — “Couldn’t Get It Right”
  12. Max Webster — “Let Go The Line”
  13. Chilliwack — “My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)”
  14. Boston — “More Than A Feeling”
  15. Neil Young With Crazy Horse — “Cinnamon Girl”
  16. Small Faces — “Tin Soldier”
  17. The Poppy Family — “Free From The City”
  18. The Rolling Stones — “I’m Free”
  19. Jon — “Is It Love?”
  20. Television — “Marquee Moon”
  21. Sniff ‘n’ The Tears — “Snow White”
  22. Starbuck — “Moonlight Feels Right”
  23. Los Hombres — “Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)”
  24. Them — “Gloria”
  25. Jethro Tull — “Bungle In The Jungle”
  26. Bad Company — “Rock N’ Roll Fantasy”
  27. Foreigner — “Urgent”
  28. The Eagles — “One Of These Nights”
  29. Steely Dan — “FM”
  30. Fleetwood Mac — “Everywhere (Re-edited By Psychemagic)”
  31. Alice Cooper — “Generation Landslide”
  32. Supertramp — “Goodbye Stranger”

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