Cottage Country Mix Vol. 16

Three thousand guitars they seem to cry
My ears will melt, and then my eyes

Hey Loons, Who’s ready to party? …I said who’s ready to party? I can’t hear you! No really I can’t hear you, because I have the new Cottage Country Mix Vol. 16 on blast! This year we decided to turn it up a notch after last year’s oh-so-chill “Quiet Island” series with some tunes on the heavy side. Picture this: you got back from your afternoon out on the lake, you just ate at a bunch of food and now you are ready to let the party recommence. Starts with some classics and then a lot of heavy blues rock, hard rock and heavy metal thunder. Featuring tracks by Uriah Heep, Judas Priest, Pretty Things, Riot, Angel Witch, Scorpions and more. I am not going to lie, some of us won’t survive tonight. Arm yourselves with “swords and tequila”, and your wits and of course Cottage Country Vol. 16.

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Dougie Boom’s Cottage Country Vol. 16 Tracklisting

  1. Alice Bowie – “Earache In My Eye
  2. Frank Zappa – “Magic Fingers
  3. Deep Purple – “Bloodsucker
  4. Uriah Heep – “Dreammare
  5. Leaf Hound – “Freelance Fiend
  6. ZZ Top – “Precious & Grace
  7. Alice Cooper – “It’s Hot Tonight
  8. The Pretty Things – “Cold Stone
  9. Led Zeppelin – “Good Times, Bad Times
  10. Blue Oyster Cult – “Cities On Flame With Rock & Roll
  11. Black Sabbath – “The Wizard
  12. Iggy Pop – “Funtime
  13. Styx – “Too Much Time On My Hands
  14. Foreigner – “Double Vision
  15. AC/DC – “Have A Drink On Me
  16. Lee Aaron – “Whatcha Do To My Body
  17. Scorpions – “Rock You Like A Hurricane
  18. Aldo Nova – “Fantasy
  19. Ratt – “Round And Round
  20. Loudness – “Crazy Night
  21. Ozzy Osbourne – “Lightning Strikes
  22. Motley Crue – “Looks That Kill
  23. Judas Priest – “Living After Midnight
  24. Slaughter – “Up All Night
  25. AC/DC – “Night Of The Long Knives
  26. Twisted Sister – “You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll
  27. Iron Maiden – “2 Minutes To Midnight
  28. Riot – “Swords And Tequila
  29. Metallica – “Jump In The Fire
  30. Angel Witch – “Angel Witch
  31. Black Sabbath – “Neon Knights
  32. Judas Priest – “Running Wild
  33. Scorpions – “Now!
  34. Thin Lizzy – “Thunder & Lightning
  35. Motorhead – “Bomber
  36. The Sweet – “Into The Night

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