New Rock Mixes for 2019!

Cottage Country Mix Vol. 23

Enjoy our latest rock dj mix, volume 23 for 2019! Perfect for your late night summer party or for a solo paddle.

Cottage Country Mix Vol. 22

Pull up a chair and listen to the new mix for Cottage Country 2019! Volume 22! Warning though: it’s pure fire! Don’t singe your eyebrows, bro!


Cottage Country Mix 10th Anniversary Logo

A Rock and Roll Mixtape for the Great Outdoors!

Established in Canada in 2008, Dougie Boom’s Cottage Country Mix is the perfect soundtrack to your summer. Released annually at the beginning of summer, it can be enjoyed anywhere: at the cottage, the campsite, or the beach through your phone or browser. Or download it for later for when you are really deep in the woods. Join our mailing list below so you don’t miss an episode. Or follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what we are up to.

Mixed by Dougie Boom, the Cottage Country mix series takes the classic rock radio station format as inspiration, and twists it up into something a lot more interesting. Amidst the fake station IDs, mock requests, and make-believe contests, the real fun part is the actual music. Dougie Boom mixes up all the golden oldies using hip-hop and house techniques, proving that no song is un-mixable. They’re not too heavy on obscurities, but you’re still guaranteed to discover at least a few songs you’ve never heard.”

Benjamin Boles, Now Magazine

Don’t Touch That Dial…

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