Cottage Country Mix Vol. 21

Cover for Cottage Country Volume 21 Rock Mixtape

Quit bugging, we are almost there! As we enter those last winding roads to your destination, let Cottage Country Mix control the wheel (musically speaking of course) with another Rock and Roll DJ mix with Volume 21. Expect high octane tunes, followed by some 80s throwbacks. Featuring tracks by Van Halen, Rush, The Misfits, Sonic Youth, Billy Idol, Tones On Tail and more, you got more than enough tunes to keep you in your lane!

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Dougie Boom’s Cottage Country Vol. 21 Tracklisting

  1. Trevor Rabin – “Fantasy”
  2. Rush – “Spirit Of Radio”
  3. Peter Gabriel – “On The Air”
  4. David Bowie – “Look Back In Anger”
  5. Ray Anthony – “Peter Gunn Theme”
  6. Thundermug – “The Investigator”
  7. Van Halen – “D.O.A.”
  8. Daddy Maxfield – “Rave ‘n’ Rock”
  9. The Runaways – “Dead End Justice”
  10. The Kinks – “Destroyer”
  11. Iggy Pop & James Williamson – “Kill City”
  12. Hawkwind – “Ejection”
  13. Stray – “Get Out Right Away”
  14. Sheer Mag – “Nobody’s Baby”
  15. Tony Molina – “Nowhere To Go”
  16. Prince & The Revolution – “Let’s Go Crazy”
  17. Tones On Tail – “Go!” (Club Mix)
  18. Silicon Teens – “Red River Rock”
  19. Lindsey Buckingham – “Holiday Road”
  20. The Misfits – “American Nightmare”
  21. Bruce Springsteen -“Working On The Highway”
  22. Suicide – “Ghost Rider”
  23. Sigue Sigue Sputnik – “Love Missle F-11″ (Extended)
  24. Billy Idol – “Dancing With Myself”
  25. La Dusseldorf – “Time”
  26. Sonic Youth – “Expressway to Yr. Skull”
  27. Stray – “All In Your Mind”
  28. The Motors – “Dancing The Night Away”

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