Cottage Mixtape’s Beer Tasting Score Card

Beer Drinkers and Taste Makers! Did a beer ‘Top’ your list or was it strictly ‘Zzz’s’? Try our Beer Tasting Score Card and you be the judge!

Rockin’ tunes, the great outdoors and a cold delicious beer, what is better? Well, if you fancy yourself a beer drinker, enthusiast or fully-fledged connoisseur with an impeccable palette, why not try the Cottage Mixtape’s Beer Tasting Score Card?

A great way to enjoy your beer picks whether you are tasting alone or with your friends. It allows you to easily judge beers and keep track of the ones you enjoy, before things get a little hazy in the hop.

Our Beer Tasting Score Card features:

  • Online fillable PDF form, that is also downloadable and printable for offline use.
  • Each sheet can be used by an individual or as group. Share or print one for each person.
  • At a loss for words? From ‘bitter’ to ‘sour’, ‘fruity’ to ‘hoppy’ our score card features all the different flavour and beer characteristics.
  • Not what your tasting? There is room for additional flavours, plus additional notes at the end.

You supply the beer, we’ll supply the tunes!