Local Lady Still Keeps Her Motor Clean

It has been a while since the 80s but Susan Higgins, 46, from Toronto still manages to keep her motor clean, despite being extremely busy now with work and family life. She has managed to do this throughout the years through maintenance and taking it in regularly to a skilled specialist. However, Susan knows maintaining a clean engine starts at home:

  • keeping the engine clean from debris with a stiff brush.
  • covering up the battery and any electronics before hosing it down.
  • soap alone won’t cut it, get a degreaser.
Susan still doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. “It’s your engine! Make good on your investment.”

Also, changing the oil is key. It is a messy job so she takes it to her mechanic, Deborah. “She is great,” says Susan. “I trust her. I feel because she knows all the parts, who better to maintain my engine and make sure it runs properly?”

You gotta keep that engine clean” from AC/DC’s “Heatseeker” on Cottage Country Vol. 20

So, although it has been some years since the cleanliness of her motor brought her some notoriety, she still manages to keep it clean. Susan agrees it’s just safer for her, her family or any of her occupants or “even if I don’t have any occupants. I mean that’s my business.”

Being “bullet proof”, and “a fax machine” are all honourable traits but have little to do with engine maintenance.

Mötley Crüe’s “Looks That Kill” is featured on Cottage Country Mix Vol. 16.


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