‘Cottage Country Mix’ Finale Postponed To July

John Candy dressed as a security guard holds up his hand with "Sorry Folks" written below.

Hey Loons, Its looking like the long weekend is the wrong weekend for the series finale of 'Cottage Country’ Vol. 24. So, we are pushing the release back to next month. In the meantime listen to the 26 hours of previous mixes, here at cottagemixtape.com .  Listen to Cottage Country Vol. 1!

Bands In The Woods Wednesday: Black Sabbath

The members of Black Sabbath play in a shallow pond, splashing each other

Raft Punk: Ozzy Osbourne on a raft and looking surprisingly stable. Today in Bands In the Woods Wednesday we have the legendary Black Sabbath having a good time in the Wye Valley countryside (so not the deep forest, more like rural farmland) but for Black Sabbath it seems to have been a welcome retreat from …

Dougie Boom’s ‘Cottage Country’ Mix Volume 24 Series Finale Coming May 24th

Join us as we sail into the sunset (sunrise?) for one more instalment of 'Dougie Boom's Cottage Country Mix' Coming May 24 (or as us Canadians call it "May two-four") 2021 is volume 24, the series finale of 'Dougie Boom's 'Cottage Country Mix'. For 14 years, we have made these annual Rock DJ Mixes for …

Cottage Owners Can’t Wait To Get The Dokken

Older man carrying out Dokken records to the incomplete end of the dock. Clearly a dock piece was replaced in photoshop

Cottage owners are fighting "tooth and nail" to be the first to get the Dokken for the upcoming season. A time honoured tradition to "break off the chains" of the city and like true "dream-weekend warriors" make their way up to the cottage or cabin and get that Dokken. More drama for your mama:• Led …

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