Bands In The Woods Wednesday: Black Sabbath

Raft Punk: Ozzy Osbourne on a raft and looking surprisingly stable.

Today in Bands In the Woods Wednesday we have the legendary Black Sabbath having a good time in the Wye Valley countryside (so not the deep forest, more like rural farmland) but for Black Sabbath it seems to have been a welcome retreat from touring as they prepared for Never Say Die, which eventually would be recorded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. These photos, however, were taken in 1977 in Wales, Monmouthshire at the legendary country farm-turned recording studio, Rockfield Studios. Specifically Black Sabbath were recording and rehearsing in Monnow Valley Studio.

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A dip in the bog: it’s Ozzy rules when you engage in aquatic sport with Sabbath.

Here, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward and Geezer Butler are soaking up the country air, having a good time, frolicking in the great outdoors on a sunny day on (and off) a raft. In a kind of demented take on Huckleberry Fin they attempt to take ‘er out and fail to make it . Better to stick to land and rock and roll, Sabbath.

What’s up with rockers on rafts anyway?
Neil Peart (from Rush) drumming on a raft for Bands in the Woods Wednesday

Band dynamics are complicated like managing gravity on a raft, it requires group effort.

It seems like good times but shortly thereafter Ozzy would be fired from the band in L.A. These pictures remain a poignant photo of the band keeping it together or at least in better times.

Many acts have passed through the barn doors at Rockfield Studio: Hawkwind, Queen, Oasis, etc. with the Stone Roses staying there a record almost 2 years to record. So, it has a rich musical history, which will be shared with the release of an upcoming documentary: Rockfield: The Studio On the Farm (2021).

Listen To Black Sabbath’s “Fairies Wear Boots“ on Cottage Country Mix Vol. 4

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