Bands In The Woods Wednesday: Black Sabbath

The members of Black Sabbath play in a shallow pond, splashing each other

Raft Punk: Ozzy Osbourne on a raft and looking surprisingly stable. Today in Bands In the Woods Wednesday we have the legendary Black Sabbath having a good time in the Wye Valley countryside (so not the deep forest, more like rural farmland) but for Black Sabbath it seems to have been a welcome retreat from …

Happy “May The Fourth Be With You” with these 4 Freddie Mercury / Star Wars Memes

May The Fourth Be With You: Freddie Mercury sitting on Darth Vaders shoulders during a live show, bass player looks on.

A long time ago in a Queen concert far, far away... Happy May The Fourth! which has become the official / unofficial Star Wars day for nerds and nerds alike (they're all nerds). To celebrate we whipped up 4 memes (of the same picture, we are busy doing Jedi stuff) with Freddie Mercury, doing normal …

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