Happy “May The Fourth Be With You” with these 4 Freddie Mercury / Star Wars Memes

A long time ago in a Queen concert far, far away…

Happy May The Fourth! which has become the official / unofficial Star Wars day for nerds and nerds alike (they’re all nerds). To celebrate we whipped up 4 memes (of the same picture, we are busy doing Jedi stuff) with Freddie Mercury, doing normal Freddie Mercury things like standing on Darth Vader’s shoulders on stage, wearing a Flash (Gordon) shirt.

Now this was unique but not an isolated incident for Mercury. You can find a detailed history on the “stunt”. He also happened to stand on a Superman’s shoulders and may have pulled this Darth Vader thing maybe once or twice before. Still funny, cool and over the top like Freddie.

So, happy May the Fourth! Enjoy some old Star Wars flicks, The Toys That Made Us: Star Wars Episode but you will have to wait for the new season of Mandalorian until October.

Queen (the band) is featured on Cottage Country Mixes:


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