Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith Pens Forthcoming Autobiography About… Fishing?

Iron Maiden guitarist’s new book is all about a popular outdoor pastime: playing giant outdoor festivals to millions of fans and… fishing.

Adrian Smith, guitarist for Iron Maiden has a new book coming out about his love of fishing… oh and about playing in one of the biggest Heavy Metal bands in Rock and Roll history, Iron Maiden. Entitled Monsters of Rivers and Rock, the book follows him fishing as a child with his father. Then, once he joined Iron Maiden in 1980, he continued his passion travelling the world and fishing (angling specifically). Adrian Smith would stay with Iron Maiden until 1990, before leaving for a period of time to pursue different projects. Adrian then returned to Iron Maiden in 1999 where he is still playing presently.

The autobiography should be out in September 2020 via the band’s website.

Until then listen to Iron Maiden on Cottage Country Mix. They appear on:

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