Bands In The Woods Wednesday: Van Halen (Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth)

Today in Bands In The Woods we take a look at OG Van Halen chilling riverside in Kyoto! photo by Koh Hasebe.

When they weren’t “Dancing In The Streets” (as featured on the new Cabin Fever Mix), Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth of Van Halen could be seen sitting in quiet contemplation by Kyoto’s riverside, where the only thing that could be heard is David Lee Roth’s loud clothes.

Listen to Van Halen’s “Dancing In the Streets” on the new mix CABIN FEVER!

A more down to earth Roth and Halen. Photograph by Koh Hasebe.

These series of photos were taken in the rural area of Kyoto by renowned Japanese rock photographer, Koh Hasebe, during their first tour of Japan in 1978. So, its not ‘in the woods’ per se but it has a nice outdoorsy feel to it, with docks, the river, boats and the foliage.

What’s so great about these photos is that the band seems to be getting along so well. These photos were early on and, no doubt, they were just taking it all in, their first time in Japan. Before egos and internal band disputes, the two leading men from Van Halen seem very chill. Which is iquite contrary to the sound of Van Halen themselves.

Here, more promo from that same tour. Yes, Eddie Van Halen can even pretend to play guitar better than you.

One wonders why they didn’t shoot outdoors at Mt. Fuji? Maybe it was closed that day (no climbing). Whoooaaa!

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