Beer Review: Battle Of The Led Zeppelin-esque Beers

The Battle of Beermore: Mill St.’s Hopped & Confused 1 & 2, Wellington Brewery’s Upside I.P.A & Muskoka Brewery’s Hazed & Confused I.P.A.

We come from the land of the ice and snow

… Canada, so it’s only natural to get out in the good weather and enjoy a beverage or two or today, four. And since we have a penchant Rock & Roll as well, why not review some rock and roll “inspired” beers? So today we will try out some Led Zeppelin-esque beers, all from local Ontario breweries, all available this summer. Now, it should be clear these beers are not specifically endorsed by Led Zeppelin, like the AC/DC or Iron Maiden beers we reviewed previously, just inspired with an implied nod to the Hammer Of the Gods.

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Aaaaiiiii want a beer! Aaaaaaiiii want a refreshing beer! (to the tune of “Immigrant Song”)

So today for our Led Zeppelin-esque beer shoot-out we chose:

Most of these are your different take on the Indian Pale Ale, with the first two being described as session ales, but they are definitely in the same realm. A “session ale” covers a wide range of lighter beers with bold flavour, which historically were for British worker’s who had extra time for breaks and didn’t want to get too (ahem) loose. So, unfortunately, a “session ale” has little do to with jam “sessions” (a la Led Zeppelin). Fortunately, they are flavourful so it may be good for your next jam session. Well, we are going to have a little drinking and judging “session”, as it were, armed with our Cottage Mixtape Beer Tasting Card.

Download it and judge yourself!

All beers judged on our Cottage Mixtape Beer Tasting Score Card!

Mill St. Brewery’s Hopped & Confused Session Ale

Been hopped and confused for so long…

Lucie : 4 / 5 (Balanced, Buttery, Creamy, Crisp, Fruity, Wheat):
Cloudy. Milky

Darcy : 3 / 5 (Creamy)
Stupid“. A criptic soul, I don’t know if he means “stupid name” or “stupid creamy”. The only thing he noted on the card.

Dougie : 3 / 5 (Balanced, Citrus, Creamy, Fruity, Herbal, Hoppy, Sour)
A nice light beer. Tastes like a Mexican light beer with Lemon “

Fumino 2 / 5: (Buttery, Citrus, Grassy, Light-Skunky)

This golden session ale had some universal appeal. I found it to be somewhere between a Mexican Light Beer, like Sol with a lemon but had a rounder buttery-creamier taste and as Lucie described almost like a milk stout in its frothiness.

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Mill St. Brewery’s Hopped & Confused 2 Hazy Session I.P.A

Lucie : 4 / 5 (Aggressive, Citrus, Crisp, Fruity, Hoppy, Sour, Wheat):
Punchy, bright. Why vol. 2?

Will this hopped get chopped?

Darcy : 3 / 5 (Creamy, Grassy, Hoppy, Skunky)
Extra Stupid“. Now, I know he is talking about the name facetiously.

Dougie : 2. 5 / 5 (Aggressive, Citrus, Grassy, Hoppy, Skunky, Sour)
Hopped & Confused’s more punchier and citrusy sister”

Fumino 2 / 5: (A bit Bitter, Crisp, Sour)
“Not bad for an IPA but bitter after taste”

When Led Zeppelin’s first album came out, it is was lauded by critics as the next big thing in rock and roll but I am sure Jimmy Page was like to the rest of the band, “Guys that was crap. We can do better, let’s come out with… Led Zeppelin II.” And then they went into the studio and knocked out a better album (*a not necessarily true story). But is this the same case when it comes to Mill St. coming through with a sequel to their Hopped & Confused Session Ale? Mill St. Brewery’s Hopped & Confused 2 Hazy Session I.P.A. As our reviews it definitely has a distinguished taste from its predecessor.

Drinking Days are here again, as the summer evenings grow
Listen to Led Zeppelin ‘s “Dancing Days” on Cottage Country Mix Vol. 3!

Muskoka Brewery’s Hazed & Confused Juicy I.P.A

Was Muskoka Brewery’s Hazed and Confused like a hammer of the gods on our tastebuds?

Lucie : 2 / 5 (Aggressive, Bitter, Fruity, Herbal, Skunky):
Smells like passionfruit. Good but a lot

Darcy : 3 / 5 (Bitter, Citrus, Coffee, Crisp, Floral)
Good for one beer

Dougie : 2.5 / 5 (Aggressive, Caramel, Fruity, Herbal, Hoppy, Skunky)
“Strong and fruity. Would only have it for one maybe two.”

Fumino : 1 / 5 (Aggressive, Bitter, Citrus, Hoppy, Skunky)
“Not for me, because I don’t like it”

While most agreed it was juicy, it definitely had a little skunk to the funk, which left some bitter. Kind of like the song, “Dazed and Confused” (a little bitter).

Wellington Brewery’s Upside Hazy, Juicy and Tropical I.P.A.

Did the Wellington Upside IPA have us seeing Zeppelins?

Lucie : 1 / 5 (Aggressive, Bitter, Buttery, Caramel, Hoppy, Nutty):
Burnt popcorn taste.”

Darcy : 4 / 5 (Creamy, Crisp, Hoppy)
Four beers deep and there seems to be a ‘communication breakdown’. No comment but seemed to like it. Like Mikey.

Dougie : 3.0 / 5 (Balanced, Caramel, Creamy, Grassy, Hoppy)
“Tastes a little like the Hazed & Confused but better. Hoppy-ish.”

Fumino : 2 / 5 (Bitter, Creamy, Hoppy, Skunky)
“Not terrible for an IPA”

Perhaps the most decisive among the group, like Zeppelin’ In Through The Outdoor.

Listen To Led Zeppelin’s “Communication Breakdown” on Cottage Country Vol. 8!

Conclusions – Led Zeppelin-esque Beers Shoot-out

Four beers that were arbitrarily lumped together because of some loose connection to a rock and roll band seems stupid but they were actually on the relative same level of taste, I.P.A.’s ranging from creamy to skunky to fruity, all with that ‘Misty Mountain (sour) Hop‘ singing a citrusy “Lemon Song“. But it was Mill. St’s Hopped and Confused that received a “whole lotta love” amongst our tasters with the most favourable review. All were worth trying yourself but we could all agreed that most were only good for a beer or two.

Need some rock tunes with your beer? Check out our latest mix: CABIN FEVER!

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