Love Beer? Use Our Beer Tasting Score Card!

Beer drinkers and taste makerrrrs! Cottage Mixtape has made an easy-to-fill out beer judging sheet.

We, here at, are not just music connoisseurs but after only a handful of beer reviews, are obviously beer connoisseurs as well. Now is YOUR chance to become one, as well, with all your friends in the great outdoors up north, at home or wherever hoppy beverages are enjoyed. Hey, if you are going to be drinking beer, why not share and try something new. Discover more of what you like and what you wish to avoid with our own Beer Tasting Score Card.

From “aggressive” to “woody” our beer tasting score card has all the characteristics to help you judge beers.

Download the Cottage Mixtape’s Beer Tasting Score Card that features:

  • Fillable, downloadable and printable pdf for rating beers.
  • Distinct taste descriptors (from ‘balanced’ to ‘sour’) if you are at a loss for words.
  • Not what you’re tasting? Plenty of room to add your own notes & individual tastes

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