Jos Louis, Sting & Pliers: Summertime Favorites

Is the weirdest part: the Vachon co-sign, the inclusion of a Chaka Demus & Plier album cut or the fact they spelt ‘Favorites’ the American way?

I managed to find this, the “Summertime Favorites / Préférés De L’été” cassette, during my travels through southern Ontario. Since rock compilations or at least the concept of the rock compilation is an influences of the Cottage Country Mixes , I thought I would post it. Plus, It doesn’t get much more Canadian and nostalgic than this. Here we have a promotional cassette by PolyGram Group Canada Inc. that was probably given away at Music World, the now defunct Canadian music retailer, in conjunction with another iconic Canadian brand, Vachon, the pastry maker. The question (and the answer) is: why?

None of Vachon’s products require a spoon.

This compilation was meant to promote A&M / Polygram’s mostly rock-oriented offerings of that summer: Soundgarden’s Superunknown (with “Spoonman”); Bryan Adams’ So Far So Good (with “Summer Of 69”); U2’s Zooropa (with “Lemon”) and inexplicably pop-reggae crossover outfit Chaka Demus & Pliers’ with their breakthrough album All She Wrote.

Feel free to take this to your local Music World. *time machine not included.

The compilation included a cutout coupon so you could pick up any of the albums (from which the songs were featured) for $2 off. And then, with $2 saved, run to the nearest grocery store and by a box of 1/2 Lunes / Moons while you listen to “Summer of 69“. Or Maybe they were hoping you would pop this in your walkmans and scarf down a Joe Louis while you listen to Sting’s “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You”. Or maybe you are one of those “I listen to everything”-types and like a little reggae, well there was nothing bigger than “Murder She Wrote” that year, too bad that is not on here. Instead, we have Chaka Demus & Pliers’ “She Don’t Let Nobody”.

Bryan Adams reminiscing about how many Passion Flakes he has consumed… was unfortunately not included in “Summer of ’69”.

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