Beer Review: A Sour Full Of Secrets No. 2 by Boshkung Brewing Co

Boshkung Brewing Co. limited series is a nod to Pink Floyd, however it is not all ‘Apples and Oranges’. For this their No. 2 in a limited series, it is a combination of raspberry & lemonade.

All you need to enjoy Boshkung’s “Sour Full Of Secrets Series” is some LSD: love for sour drinks. oh and maybe our beer score card.

Boshkung Brewery is no secret, for those living and visiting Haliburton County, Ontario in cottage country. They are known for their solid lineup of beers (e.g. 35 & 118 Cream Ale, Black Rock Dark Ale) but also for creating unique beers as well. This summer they released a series of limited takes on the ever popular sour radler. It seems that even us beer loving Canadians sometimes desire something that piques the palette a bit. This lineup entitled, A Sour Full Of Secrets, is not only a playful nod to Pink Floyd’s second album “A Saucerful Of Secrets” but is a different takes on the sour: blending natural ingredients to their already locally favoured brews. The result is something different.

Psychedelic tastes and sounds. Listen to Pink Floyd “See Emily Play” on Cottage Country Mix Vol. 12

For me, their beers are always a staple set when I visit friends in Haliburton during the summer. Imagine my eyes when I spied the title of the beer in the friend’s cooler. Immediately, spotting the musical reference to what is my favourite Pink Floyd album, but to be clear this is not official Pink Floyd beer (like the AC/DC, Iron Maiden Beers). There was only one in their possession but I had to try it and my friends obliged and partook in the review. So, with our Beer Score Card in hand we step inside a UFO to tastes unknown.

Psychedelic Suds with buds: A Sour Full Of Secrets is a sun soaked combination Raspberry & Lemonade.

A Sour Full Of Secrets No. 2 by Boshkung Brewing Co Review

Lucie (3.5/5) (Aggressive, Citrus, Crisp, Sour)


Diggy (3/5) (Citrus, Crisp, Fruity, Honey)

“Watery. “Wish You Were Beer”.

Fumino (2/5) (Balanced, Citrus, Crisp, Herbal)

“Weird aftertaste. It’s ok. Rind?”

Dougie (3/5) (Citrus, Crisp, Fruity, Sour)

“Exactly what is says. Sour but delicious. Tart though. Makes your jowls sing.”

A Sour Full Of Secrets #2 received a mostly glowing reception from our camp. If you like sours, then you should like A Sour Full Of Secrets #2 by Boshkung Brewing. It is good to experiment! Experimenting reminds me of a little band I know. The beer itself, delivers a psychedelic sour taste that delivers fun and fruity flavours. It is not exactly for the faint of heart, however, and beer lovers might not dig it. However, sour being the trend these days as beer alternative, it is perfect for a sunny day rather than a “dark side of the moon”. To my knowledge, it is not sold in stores but rather exclusively through the brewery itself. Fortunate enough for those who live in the Haliburton area but not for those who are far away.

Listen to Pink Floyd’s “Learning To Fly” on Cottage Country Mix Series Finale, vol. 24!

A postcard of a lake with: Farewell from... Cottage Country Mix with the cover for volume 24 beside it with 'series finale out now!" written below

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