Beer Review: Iron Maiden’s Trooper Sun And Steel Beer

This beast from East is all in its sake yeast, as we review Iron Maiden’s New Sake Lager, Sun And Steel!

“Run To the Hills!” from Iron Maiden came to mind as we finally got the opportunity to take our first camping trip of the season 2020! With tent, folding chair and cooler in tow we made our way to Awenda Provincial Park. This year, of course, skipping needless stops and keeping a safe distance.

Iron Maiden’s ‘Run To The Hills’ appears on the new Cottage Mixtape ‘CABIN FEVER

Of course with first camp of the season, we had to do some Cottage Mixtape beer reviews, so with the sun shining, forest permeating and tunes playing we were able to adequately assess some new beverages under proper outdoor party conditions, keeping in mind professional practices and procedures. First up, we have a good one!

Iron Maiden ( have released another beer in conjunction with Robinsons Brewery ( from the UK, entitled Sun And Steele. A couple months ago, we reviewed another one of Iron Maiden’s Trooper beers and were rather impressed. This new beer, however, is an entirely different “beast” as it were and the Samurai-Eddie illustration on the can should be a clear cut indication of what to expect. It’s an East meets West affair as Sun And Steele is uniquely a sake lager!

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As written on the can:

“Iron Maiden and Robinsons Brewery bring you Sun And Steel. Sun And Steel is a double-fermented pilsner with a crisp refreshing taste and sake like notes. The sixth beer from Iron Maiden vocalist and Robinsons Brewery, this project was over two years in the making, blending creative thinking, British brewing excellence and Japanese sake yeast to create a truly unique beer. Kanpai!”

So, with our Cottage Mixtape Beer Tasting Score Card we reviewed the Sun And Steel lager.

Download our Beer Tasting Score Card and judge yourself!

Download our Beer Tasting Score Card perfect for judging lagers, ales, stouts, etc

Dougie: 4 / 5 (Balanced , Creamy, Crisp, Citrus)

“Really refreshing. I am out here sweating just set up the tent and this taste great. Was a little hesitant about the sake mixed with the beer but it is freakin delicious. Light citrus notes. Perfect outdoor drink to beat the heat.”

Fumino: 3.5 / 5 (Balanced, Crisp)

“Pretty standard lager. Bitterness of sake coming through a bit. Bitter but not hoppy. Light and refreshing” 

Iron Maiden and Robinsons Brewery set there sites “high” with this one but does it ace the test?

Sun And Steel Sake Lager – Conclusion

Not only a refreshing beer, in of itself, but a refreshing take on beer. Particularly, because hoppy I.P.A’s are all the rage at the moment. I am not bitter (beer joke) but that is just the case (another beer joke). But here, the bitter hoppy is replaced with sake yeast. The result was something really different, particularly in the after taste, but very much a beer. Beer with a little attitude but kind of sophisticated, not unlike Iron Maiden’s music itself. A success I think. Run to the store!

Listen To Iron Maiden’s “Can I Play With Madness” on Cottage Country Vol. 11:

Listen to ‘CABIN FEVER’ – A Disco Rock Mix! New Disco / Rock Mix for 2020 by Dougie Boom!

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