Beer Review from Mexico: AC/DC’s Rock Or Bust German Lager

Does AC/DC’s Rock Or Bust beer rock or is it a bust?

Again, Loons on Vacation for we are taking a look at another Rock & Roll Beer that we found at the Chedraui here in Mexico. This time it was AC/DC with their Rock Or Bust beer. It is no secret that besides Latin / regional music, Mexico has a penchant for Rock N Roll. Everywhere we went there were live bands, loaded with rock covers to appease tourist (although the love of the music seemed genuine). We heard AC/DC covered not once but twice (once in Isla Mujeres, another time in Tulum). So, finding this in Mexico was not totally a surprise but an opportunity to try it. Will it rock like the music of AC/DC or will it be a bust?

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For those about to drink we salute you! Try our Beer Tasting Score Card!

This beer was made by Karlsberg Germany not Carlsburg, the popular Danish Brewery known international. However, they are the largest brewery in Germany. So, it’s the biggest Australian band meets the biggest German brewery but how does it taste? Will it “Rock The House” in this “Baptism By Fire” or is it another “Miss Adventure” in taste (*from Rock Or Bust album).

AC/DC’s Rock Or Bust German Lager Review

Dougie (3 / 5 : Caramel, Citrus, Creamy, Crisp, Fruity, Herbal, Honey)

Not bad. Your typical German lager with fruity aftertastes (grapefruit, citrus)

Fumino (3 / 5: Balanced, Caramel, Creamy, Herbal)

Full bodied German flavour. A weird kind of sweetness.

Lucie (4 / 5: Aggressive, Buttery, Caramel, Creamy, Hoppy)

Makes me want to rock!

Listen to AC/DC’s “Have A Drink On Me” on Cottage Country Mix Vol. 16!

So, we all had similar taste profiles. Your German lager with citrusy, sugary undertones. We all thought it was pretty good. I would try it again… so from for those about to drink we salute you!

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