Bands In The Woods Wednesday: Black Sabbath

The members of Black Sabbath play in a shallow pond, splashing each other

Raft Punk: Ozzy Osbourne on a raft and looking surprisingly stable. Today in Bands In the Woods Wednesday we have the legendary Black Sabbath having a good time in the Wye Valley countryside (so not the deep forest, more like rural farmland) but for Black Sabbath it seems to have been a welcome retreat from …

Boo! Top 10 Rock Songs About Ghosts! 👻

The band the Eagles standing together. A sheet ghosts is hiding in the background

Since, it's October now, it's never too early to celebrate the greatest holiday ever. No not Thanksgiving, pilgrim! No, not Christmas you elf. Halloween! So, has assembled the Top 10 Greatest Rock Songs About Ghosts! More Top 10 Rock Lists:• Top 10 Rock Songs About The Devil• Top 10 Greatest Breaks in Rock Music  …

Day 9/10 Album Challenge: Black Sabbath – “Paranoid” (1970)

Banner for day 9 in album challenge, an excerpt from Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" showing the forest swordsman.

There is nothing paranoid about our day 9 pick, Black Sabbath's Paranoid (1970) For our Day 9 pick in our 10-day album challenge, Black Sabbath's sophomore album, Paranoid (1970). Paranoid altered rock and roll's musical landscape and condemned it a life of eternal damnation. It also influenced us too. I know, I know! Why pick …

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