Cottage Owners Can’t Wait To Get The Dokken

Cottage owners are fighting “tooth and nail” to be the first to get the Dokken for the upcoming season. A time honoured tradition to “break off the chains” of the city and like true “dream-weekend warriors” make their way up to the cottage or cabin and get that Dokken.

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Nancy Thompson of Gravenhurst, Ontario is counting down the days to get the Dokken, “We’re hoping to get the Dokken this weekend and maybe even get it in the water on the day we get there. I don’t know? Are you busy? You think you could give us a hand? We have the waders.”

Is it the sultry, soaring vocals of Don Dokken or is it the hot guitar licks of George Lynch that compels these cottagers to get it done? I am not sure? I don’t think we are talking about the same thing. Until then, their cottages remain under “lock and key” as we are still in early spring but you know that they will be “back for the attack.”

In the meantime, listen to Cottage Country Mix!

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