Friend Confirms: “The Water is Good, Once You Get In!”

All concerns were allayed in Kawartha’s Cottage Country today, about the temperature of the lake water, when a friend confirmed that the water was “good, once you get in.”

The friend, who selflessly jumped in the water first to confirm this, proceeded to yell this revelation to his companions on the shore. One of the friends stated, “he was treading water and breathing heavily but took the time in between breaths to tell us that the water was ‘good’. I mean, ‘good. once you got in'”.

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The water expert then proceeded to struggle his way back onto the dock only after a short time in the water, shivering and wet only to explain further that, “The water is good once you stay in and then let your body adjust to the temperature of the water. Then it’s good.”

“It was very thoughtful of him. I always just assumed the water was bad, and thought that if I stayed in to let my body get used to it, then well it would only get worse. I know now that if I jump in and if I stay, it will get better as my body gets used to it.”

With temperatures soaring and people looking to get out in the lake for a swim, it’s important to test the water first, by leaning down and sticking your hand in the water and then swooshing it around and then saying, “Oh yea, it feels good, it’s like bath water.”

For those of you sticking to the shore, might as well crank the tunes with Cottage Country Mix:

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