Roadie Confirms Lead Singer Smoked Marijuana Up Her Butt

It has been confirmed by a roadie closest to the group that Nicky Stevens from 70s rock band, Nicky & The Blowhearts, did indeed smoke marijuana through her butt. The long time rumour that made her the butt of jokes, was confirmed in an interview with with one of the former roadies, that was evidently, very close to the band from 1976 to 1986.

Where there is smoke, there is fire.

The roadie, who we will call “Fred”, claims that it was “better for the vocal chords. I would administer it to her before she hit the stage with a tube or if that wasn’t available a straw.” Adding further, “also, usually when she got off stage between encores. Sometimes there would be two or three encores a night. So that’s a lot smoke. Those were crazy times.”

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Rect’um? Damn near broke up the band.

Truly a time of uninhibitedness and rock excess, he adds that at the height of their popularity and the band’s spiral into drugs, Fred was not only doing it for Nicky but eventually the whole band. “Yea it started getting really popular amongst the whole band. Next thing you know some groupie sees you doing it and they want one too, then you’re giving people the smoke show all night. It was exhausting. I mean, I didn’t sign up for that.”

Again, proof that some supposed stories about suppositories sometimes turns out to be true. Here at we would never blow smoke up your butt (proverbially or otherwise).

Smoking tunes! listen to Cottage Country Mix Vol. 13

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