40 Years Later: Def Leppard’s Logo Still Inspiring Greek Restaurants Across the World

Def Leppard Logo next to Greek restaurant sign with similar shaped letters

Who would have thought that Def Leppard's logo, debuting more than 40 years ago on the "On Through The Night" album, would go on to inspire countless Greek restaurants' logos?They too would adopt that pointy style font for their logos, as if to say 'Def, we hear ya.' More jokes at Rock and Roll's expense:• …

Rockwood Cinema Review: Blood Freak (1972)

Scene from Blood Freak: a seated man stares at a whole cooked turkey in foil

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Canada! The last long weekend before fall really takes over. Consequently, you may be packing up the cottage, enjoying the company of friends and family at dinner or enjoying the time by yourself. Well, why not enjoy Blood Freak (1972) a movie by director Brad F. Grinter and starring Steve Hawkes. Read our review

Cottage Packing Checklist – Be Prepared To Have A Good Time

Cottage Packing Checklist Banner with people on flotation devices on a lake

You've got the car packed up and ready to go! But did you remember everything? You need the Cottagemixtape.com Cottage Packing List. "Packing for a cottage is different... you may have to provide the necessities that we take for granted at home." For maximizing your cottage time, it’s good to be prepared. So, to extend …

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