5 Things To Remember Not To Bring This Long Weekend

Hopefully you are making checklists, busy preparing for this Long Weekend. You know what you need to remember to bring, but do you remember what not to bring? Here is a quick check list:

5. Encyclopedia Britannica Volumes 16-23

Not Bruce Mccullen btw. Or Moe Berg. It’s the Britannica guy!

Trust me nothing good happens between ‘Napoleon’ up to ‘Zworyken’. All arguments that fall between these volumes will have to be settled… after the long weekend.

4. Your Soft Ball Trophies

We are all very impressed and love hearing the story of how you hit the winning ball or caught the winning ball. I can’t remember.

3. Blood Sausages



2. Très Grande Chapeau

I know you’re up on this year’s fashion trends but we all can’t be wearing très grande chapeau.

1. Primus CD Collection

Like Weird Al but not funny with slap bass but not funny.

Speaking of très grande chapeau, in 5 Things To Remember Not To Bring This Long Weekend, maybe leave the Primus CDs at home too. There is no room in the car for them. No room for the slappity slap bass. Listen to Cottage Country Mix instead.

Hopefully, now you have everything prioritized. Have a fun long weekend. Here is Moe Berg:

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