Day 2/10 Album Challenge: Sir Lord Baltimore – “Kingdom Come” (1970)

There! off the starboard bow! Its Sir Lord Baltimore’s ‘Kingdom Come’

In day 2 of our 10-Day Album Challenge, I present for thee, the majestic, Sir Lord Baltimore and their 1970 debut album, Kingdom Come. This cult album deserves it’s double designation of “Sir” and “Lord”, and has a special place in our hearts at I can’t recall how I discovered, this album to be honest? Probably through one of its many re-issues. Once discovered, however, it has been played often amongst our friends, at parties, the cottage, the camp or otherwise.

Listen to the title track “Kingdom Come” is featured on Cottage Country Mix Vol. 11:

These “lords” of stoner rock were just a bunch of high school friends from Brooklyn (not Baltimore), when they recorded this masterpiece. Light years ahead of everything in its heavy fuzz guitars, bombastic drums and over the top vocals, it became an inside joke amongst our camp, not out of any sort of malice but of pure devotional love and appreciation in its ferocity. Blurting out “lady of fire!”, followed by a hail of blistering guitar work. Or from the album-title song “Kingdom Come” the words, “Sail on crimson majesty!” Who says that shit?

Stylistically, it brings to mind: the trio power bluesiness of Cream; some heavy Iommian (which really should be a word in the dictionary) Sabbathy riffing; the deep end of Deep Purple; the street grittiness of fellow New Yorker’s Blue Oyster Cult. Also, the overtop vocal brings to mind Edgar Broughton Band, Uriah Heep and the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown. Even crazier is that the drummer is the singer! Waaaaa?!

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Listen To Sir Lord Baltimore’s “Lady Of Fire” on Cottage Country Mix Vol. 17

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