Cottage Country Mix Vol. 24 – Finale Postponed For Next Year 2021

For immediate release:

In what is probably lowest on your radar of importance, Cottage Country Mix Vol. 24 – The Series Finale is going to be delayed until next year, 2021. Me and Diggy were hopeful about putting out one of the most ambitious Cottage Country Mixes to date, for the last in the series, but for obvious unforeseen circumstances, we have decided to put it off for a year. It was our shared belief that it just doesn’t seem like the appropriate year to end the series on, everything being in a state of limbo along with cottages, national parks and general summer vibeness. However, we are not going to leave you totally high n dry and are planning some other fun stuff in the meantime. Hopefully, let’s make the most of summer, be considerate to each other and stay safe.


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