Day 3/10 Album Challenge: Ween – “Quebec” (2003)

From the onset of Ween’s 2003 album, Quebec, with its Motorhead-esque “It’s Gonna Be A Long Night“, you know you are in for a treat but what follows is some of the most sublime songwriting that often gets overlooked. No, Ween are not a just a bunch of glue sniffing bozos, that they painted themselves (in a corner) to be. Sure, there are silly parts but they are actually good song writers creating songs with interesting textures and harmonies with a propensity to do things differently. Their sense of humour is not for everybody, it is peculiar and informs their style of music but it shouldn’t outshine their talent.

I really enjoyed this album when it came out. Later, when it was revealed that they “borrowed” Santana’s rig for the solo in “Transdermal Celebration” it probably only added to my appreciation. By hook or crook they were undaunted from “stealing the fire” as it were. I decided to include “”Transdermal Celebration” on Cottage Country Vol. 20, mixed with Stone Temple Pilots “Interstate Love Song” (of course) that is very similar. I think its dismissive to say it’s parody but rather a reaction to different music, like we can easily best that and do it our way. More interesting than “Pet Sounds” and more cerebral than “Dark Side Of The Moon” (there I said it).

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“Transdermal Celebration” from “Quebec” appears on Cottage Country Vol. 20:

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