Day 10/10 Album Challenge: The Cars – “The Cars” (1978)

Day 10 of 10 album features a segment from the album The Cars

A wild ride, The Cars' debut album set the template for the future of pop with a trunkful of hits. In our final album for's 10-Day Album Challenge, we have The Cars' debut album, The Cars (1978). A record that comes at so many different angles it's a circle like a car wheel, if …

Day 3/10 Album Challenge: Ween – “Quebec” (2003)

Day 3 of 10 day album challenge with Ween "Quebec" 2003

From the onset of Ween's 2003 album, Quebec, with its Motorhead-esque "It's Gonna Be A Long Night", you know you are in for a treat but what follows is some of the most sublime songwriting that often gets overlooked. No, Ween are not a just a bunch of glue sniffing bozos, that they painted themselves …

Day 2/10 Album Challenge: Sir Lord Baltimore – “Kingdom Come” (1970)

Day 2 of 10 Album Challenge Sir Lord Baltimore - "Kingdom Come" Banner

There! off the starboard bow! Its Sir Lord Baltimore's 'Kingdom Come' In day 2 of our 10-Day Album Challenge, I present for thee, the majestic, Sir Lord Baltimore and their 1970 debut album, Kingdom Come. This cult album deserves it's double designation of "Sir" and "Lord", and has a special place in our hearts at …

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