The 10-Day Album Challenge: Albums That Influenced The ‘Cottage Country Mix’ Series

Recently, going around the socials is the 10-Day Album Challenge, where you post albums that have most influenced you. So, my buddy, Brendan, threw down the glove, and like that: it’s a list-off (*not a competition). Needless to say, its a daunting task (picking favourites) but I wanted to do one for the Cottage Country Mix. There were a lot of influences that went into making the Cottage Country Mix Series, and numerous songs and bands. However, there are some definitive albums that stand out as a direct influence, whose songs happen to be featured throughout the series. Some people are choosing to share the albums with no explanation. Is any explanation needed when the music speaks for itself? Probably not, but I am going to say a little something.

Listen to ‘CABIN FEVER’ – A Disco Rock Mix! New Disco / Rock Mix for 2020 by Dougie Boom!

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