‘Cottage Country Mix’ Finale Postponed To July

John Candy dressed as a security guard holds up his hand with "Sorry Folks" written below.

Hey Loons, Its looking like the long weekend is the wrong weekend for the series finale of 'Cottage Country’ Vol. 24. So, we are pushing the release back to next month. In the meantime listen to the 26 hours of previous mixes, here at cottagemixtape.com .  Listen to Cottage Country Vol. 1!

The 10-Day Album Challenge: Albums That Influenced The ‘Cottage Country Mix’ Series

Banner for 10 day album challenge: Albums that influenced the Cottage Country Mix Series depicting a shelves of vinyl records

Recently, going around the socials is the 10-Day Album Challenge, where you post albums that have most influenced you. So, my buddy, Brendan, threw down the glove, and like that: it's a list-off (*not a competition). Needless to say, its a daunting task (picking favourites) but I wanted to do one for the Cottage Country …

Bands In The Woods Wednesday: Beastie Boys – “So Wat’cha Want” Video

Beastie Boys staring at the camera in the woods from "So What You Want" Video

Howdy ho. Back again for another Bands In The Woods Wednesday, today in anticipation of the Spike Jones Documentary (coming out on the 24th), we have Beastie Boys' iconic video from 1992's Check Your Head album, "So What'Cha Want". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru3gH27Fn6E Beasties in the woods: the illest MFs from here to the Gardenia. The Beastie Boys …

5 Music Shows To Binge Watch On YouTube

No Netflix, no problem. Cottagemixtape.com has compiled a list of binge worthy music shows to watch on Youtube. From rocumentaries, to mockumentaries to variety shows these are perfect for captive watching or to have on while you are working indoors. We took the liberty of adding long playlists on each program so there is plenty …

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