5 Music Shows To Binge Watch On YouTube

No Netflix, no problem. Cottagemixtape.com has compiled a list of binge worthy music shows to watch on Youtube. From rocumentaries, to mockumentaries to variety shows these are perfect for captive watching or to have on while you are working indoors. We took the liberty of adding long playlists on each program so there is plenty to watch.

Behind The Music

Get ready to “get lost in a spiral of booze and drugs” as VH1’s Behind the Music takes you on a roller coaster ride (because the stories always have the same trajectory) featuring the story of your favourite artists and bands.

Behind The Vinyl

Now that we have gone “behind the music” through the broader strokes of the artists’ careers, why not take a look at the specific songs we remember from the past in Behind The Vinyl. This series from Boom 97.3, gets candid as the artists breakdown classic songs and the circumstances surronding them. Because Boom (the radio station) is based in Toronto, it has a distinctly Canadian / Ontarian taste on the ‘hits’.

Classic Albums

As apposed to Behind the Vinyl (above) that focuses on particular songs, this British documentary series, Classic Albums looks at just that, classic albums in their entirety. Not simply discussing the albums but going back into the studios and breaking down the tracks themselves, sometimes revealing elements you could barely hear in the mix or that were left on the cutting room floor. The discussions are no less revealing and you here about the circumstances of some truly classic albums.

Yacht Rock

This 2005 mockumentary / rockumentary series follows the legends of the soft rock movement (e.g. Hall & Oates, Kenny Loggins) as they compete for Yacht rock supremacy. The series is quite different from the others in that it is a fictionalization but is a nice slice of goofy escapism. Get on the boat!

Midnight Special

The Midnight Special was a tv series on NBC produced by Burt Sugarman (yes that his real name) from 1973 to 1981 and featured weekly performances by a slew of rockers (e.g. Steely Dan, T. Rex, Thin Lizzy, etc.) and also some great funk and soul acts as well, plus the occasional comedian. Your quintessential variety show but with stellar acts. It would eventually get replaced by SCTV but various episodes are up on Youtube in all their glory.

Any rock shows on Youtube we missed. Make suggestions in the comments.


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