Local Man Not Drinking, Just Here To Show Off Beer Can Vest

A family eating lunch at a picnic table in a park are accosted by a man showing off a beer holster vest and are only mildly amused.

" I would offer you a beer but I am sorry. You can't have any, its for the vest." A local man stopped any speculation today at a local barbecue, when he clarified that he was "not drinking (but) just showing off my new beer vest. It holds 12 beers." The unidentified man (the family …

Get To Know Your Bug Bites: A Guide

Different bugs with corresponding bug bites

Mosquito bites, blackfly bites, horsefly bites, deerfly bites, welcome to the world of bites. If you are planning to spend some time in cottage country, these are going to be your new friends. But don't worry, it's a favourite pastime to itch and bitch about them. Geography is everything, though, so let's get to know your bug bites, shall we? "In the dead of night, bug bites, bug bites!"

Local Lady Still ‘Keeps Her Motor Clean’

Woman doing maintenance under the hood of an SUV while holding a manual.

It has been a while since the 80s but Susan Higgins, 45, from Toronto still manages to keep her motor clean, despite being extremely busy now with work and family life. She has managed to do this, throughout the years, with regular maintenance and takes it in, often to a skilled specialist. More Rock And …

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