45 Fridays: Kim Mitchell – “Go For A Soda”

Pop culture: Kim Mitchell’s “Go For A Soda” is an overlooked rock gem that only Canadians know.

Happy 45 Friday, today we take a look at the UK pressing of a Canadian classic, Kim Mitchell’s “Go For A Soda”. Kim Mitchell is pinnacle ‘Hoser Rock’ in our books, and in our hearts, and (here) in our cups. As such, “Go For A Soda” is pure pop pleasure with a chorus that is as addictive as caffeine but hits hard like Jolt Cola (do they even make that anymore?). Well they don’t quite make tunes like this anymore either.

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This was Mitchell’s first solo hit after Max Webster but it was not a total departure from that sound, bringing to mind Webster songs like “Hangover“. But there was something so right about the timing of this song that it resounded into a hit on Canadian radio and the then burgeoning video outlets like with Muchmusic and the countdowns like ChumFM. It nearly broke him internationally, as well, and is probably why it was pressed in this UK copy. Kim Mitchell argued that his thunder was somehow usurped by Bryan Adams who booted him of the charts, like the world could only take one Canadian rocker at a time. Although it didn’t make as much waves internationally, Canadians identified with it.

A critique of tv culture, the burgeoning video culture and consumerism. The irony being (obviously) that soda is harmful and that it doesn’t solve problems, although companies and advertisements would make you think otherwise.

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The song was featured our Cottage Country Mix Vol. 3. My buddy Christian said that he took the mix to Vietnam and that they played it at a bar for Canadian ex-pats and when this song came on the place went apeshit. On this copy, which I purchased from a someone in Germany, they wrote “ENDE!”which translates “the end!” . Supposedly, the previous owner was just as hyped on ‘the ending” as we are, which we used to close out a set on the mix.

Listen to Kim Mitchell’s “Go For A Soda” on Cottage Country Mix Vol. 3:

Go For A Soda” is as enigmatic as Kim Mitchell himself, intelligent and goofy, “wacky” but with a conservative streak and the “Crypt Keeper” hair cut. Even, Brian Eno had dropped that hair cut by this time. Kim Mitchell is like, “Nah, man I am good.” The video which brings to mind videos like Kiss’ “I Love it Loud” video, where a rock band appears in a suburban home through the television and begins to wreck havoc on a domestic dwelling. A little bit Spielberg/ Hooper’s “Poltergeist” a little bit Cronenberg’s “Videodrome“, but you know like the cola version.


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