45 Fridays: David Bowie ” Day-In Day-Out”

When I was going through my rock 45s here in self-isolation-ville, I came across David Bowie’s 45 for “Day-In Day-Out” from his 1987 album, Never Let Me Down. Coincidentally, “Day-In Day-Out” was also featured on Cottage Country Vol. 18, which thematically was all about getting through the (work)day to get to the weekend, so it …

45 Fridays: Emerson, Lake And Powell – “Touch And Go”

Can you hear that? The trumpets resounding! It must be another 45 Friday! Trumpets: bo-bah-bah-be! This week we take a look at and listen to Emerson, Lake and Powell’s “Touch And Go”, from 1986. This song was featured in the movie MacGruber but stands tall on its own and that’s why we included it on Cottage Country Mix Vol. 17. Read about cottagemixtape.com ‘s connection to the song, with a cottage story, as we discuss the song’s appeal. Finishing trumpet: bo-bah-bah-be!