Kim Mitchell’s Top 5 Album Looks Rated

Kim Mitchell is many things: a Canadian icon, a member of Max Webster, a guitar hero, a darling of Canadian rock radio and a host of rock radio as well. But something he is never credited with, is his effortless hoser rocker fashion. Let’s check it out in our Kim Mitchell’s Top 5 Looks On His Albums:

Listen to Kim Mitchell’s “Go For A Soda” on Cottage Country Vol. 3:

5. Crazy Paint Kim (from I Am Wild Party (1990))

“I am a wild party Rah Rah Ole” Is what they actually say in Kim’s “I Am Wild Party

This first Kim Mitchell look would be way higher on the list, except it’s not a real outfit but a drawing. The 90s was a wild party with heavy pastel swashes like a party paper cup. However, If it were actual you would probably just look like you are a contract painter. Which is honourable work but probably not a wild party.

4. Banana Hammock Kim (from Universal Juvenile (1980))

Is his pick on fire? I said pick

Back in the day you couldn’t send dick pics. Instead you made rock albums and wore bright yellow bodysuits. If that fails you bring in a designer to make converging lines to your penis.

3. Undercover Kim (from Akimbo Alogo (1984))

Q: How do you be a ‘wild party’ but turn it up an odd notch? A: Well you out-narc yourself and wear an O.P.P. hat. Add sunglasses, match-work and a goofy expression to complete the look. Why do I get the sense that Kim is hiding something and probably under the hat: “where they won’t look.”

2. Same Clothes Kim (from Shakin Like A Human Being (1990))

O.P.P hat again! Is he going for a hat trick ?

What!? At first you are like “he is wearing the O.P.P. hat again”! On two consecutive albums! But then you are like wait the jacket is the same too as the last album! Everything is the same as the last album (above)! It’s like he went on tour and never changed. Never change, Kim. *Ok maybe the jacket is different he probably picked up someone else’s by accident while on tour.

Listen to Max Webster’s “A Million Vacation’s” on Cottage Country Vol. 9:

1. Crop Top Kim (from High Class In Borrowed Shoes (1986))

Max Webster with Kim Mitchell all with different “looks”. Keep it classy Kim.

Wow! “Those were different times,” says aging rock dude. Just remember to show him this picture anytime he criticizes the “youth of today”. This is Kim rocking a rainbow crop top for the “High Class In Borrowed Shoes Album”. That is, the only thing borrowed from this look WAS the shoes.

Listen To Max Webster’s “Let Go The Line” on Cottage Country Vol. 6:

New mix for 2020, present ‘CABIN FEVER’ – A Disco Rock Mix!

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