Bands In The Woods Wednesday: Pink Floyd In The Woods

The loon-atics are on the grass. Pink Floyd kicking it in the woods. photo by Storm Thorgerson

Remember when Pink Floyd got along? Indeed, remember when everyone got along (maybe never), and would hang out in the forest. Here, today in Bands In The Woods Wednesday we have Pink Floyd, hanging out in the woods. Which, especially during the Syd Barrett “gnome” days, was pretty often. Here, however, we have Pink Floyd from 1968 in the Dave Gilmour-era (post Syd Barret-era) hanging out by some trees.

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Roger Water’s in isolation playing “Mother”.

Now, judging by Gilmour’s pants you would think we were in the Canadian forest (is that a moose?) However this was taken by famous photographer and graphic designer, Storm Thorgerson and taken in England. Now, Storm besides having the coolest f*cking name in the business, was also responsible for designing Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and Saucerful of Secrets album covers but has worked numerous other artists (e.g. Peter Garbriel, Black Sabbath). So, he would go on to build a lasting relationship with the band not only artistically but as friends. Yea, friends in the forest! Even if Roger Water’s looks like he isn’t having the most fun.

Lusting for more Floyd?
Listen to Pink Floyd’s “Young Lust” on Cottage Country Vol. 6:

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