Bands In The Woods Wednesday: The Jimi Hendrix Experience

A Jimi Hendrix Experience photo taken in the forest.
Lady fox! Here I come fox, coming to pet ya!

Today, if you are in Ontario, the wind is more than “whispering Mary”. It is a dank, cold fall day and it is also coincidentally what would have been Jimi Hendrix 77th birthday. So, for this week’s Bands In The Woods Wednesday we have the Jimi Hendrix Experience with drummer Mitch Mitchell, bassist Noel Redding and that Jimi guy (albeit under less rainy conditions) chilling in the barren forest. Not going to lie, for such a popular photo I am unable to find the photo credit or the circumstance. Please comment if you have any info.

Jimi Hendrix is featured on:

Cottage Country Vol. 5
Cottage Country Vol. 8
Cottage Country Vol. 11

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