Day 6/10 Album Challenge: Topas – “Topas”(1980)

Day 6 in 10 day album challenge banner for Topas "Topas"(1980)

As hard rock albums go "Topas" soars high above the rest on wings of gold, green boots and zero topaz (?) This is another one of those relatively obscure rock albums, like Sir Lord Baltimore (that also made our 10-day album challenge) in that both bands were on a major label, but unfortunately had very …

Bands In The Woods Wednesday: Pink Floyd In The Woods

Pink Floyd In the Woods Banner

The loon-atics are on the grass. Pink Floyd kicking it in the woods. photo by Storm Thorgerson Remember when Pink Floyd got along? Indeed, remember when everyone got along (maybe never), and would hang out in the forest. Here, today in Bands In The Woods Wednesday we have Pink Floyd, hanging out in the woods. …

The 10-Day Album Challenge: Albums That Influenced The ‘Cottage Country Mix’ Series

Banner for 10 day album challenge: Albums that influenced the Cottage Country Mix Series depicting a shelves of vinyl records

Recently, going around the socials is the 10-Day Album Challenge, where you post albums that have most influenced you. So, my buddy, Brendan, threw down the glove, and like that: it's a list-off (*not a competition). Needless to say, its a daunting task (picking favourites) but I wanted to do one for the Cottage Country …

5 Music Shows To Binge Watch On YouTube

No Netflix, no problem. has compiled a list of binge worthy music shows to watch on Youtube. From rocumentaries, to mockumentaries to variety shows these are perfect for captive watching or to have on while you are working indoors. We took the liberty of adding long playlists on each program so there is plenty …

45 Fridays: Emerson, Lake And Powell – “Touch And Go”

The Emerson Lake Powell Touch And Go 45 slightly out of its picture sleeve on a wooden surface.

Can you hear that? The trumpets resounding! It must be another 45 Friday! Trumpets: bo-bah-bah-be! This week we take a look at and listen to Emerson, Lake and Powell's "Touch And Go", from 1986. This song was featured in the movie MacGruber but stands tall on its own and that's why we included it on Cottage Country Mix Vol. 17. Read about 's connection to the song, with a cottage story, as we discuss the song's appeal. Finishing trumpet: bo-bah-bah-be!