5 Times The Who Were Wrong About Coronavirus

The Who are arguably one of the greatest rock band of all times, with multi-platinum selling albums and hits through the 60s and 70s. Swinging microphones, swinging guitars, swinging your arm around in a circle. They know how to rock but know very little about the coronovirus. Here are five times they were wrong about the Coronovirus.

5. “My Generation”

People try to put us down
Just because we get around

As they should! You are supposed to be in self isolation. You shouldn’t be going around on your little mopeds. Or spending a day at the beach with thousands of other people. You should be at home.

4. “I Can’t Explain”

Got a feeling inside (Can’t explain)
It’s a certain kind (Can’t explain)
I feel hot and cold (Can’t explain)
Yeah, down in my soul, yeah 

Can’t explain, I think it’s love

Nah B. You may have the Corono. The “feeling hot and cold”. The “dizzy in my head and I feel bad”. That’s some of the symptoms. Stay at home and isolate from other family members. Hopefully we are wrong about this one and you will feel better in a couple.

3. “Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere”

I can go anyway (Way I Choose)
I can live anyhow (Win or lose)
I can go anywhere (For something new)
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere I choose

Again, it’s encouraged to stay home and only leave if it is essential. Just to be clear, it’s not a time to go out out and buy pointy shoes or union jack-ets either.

2. “Kids Are Alright”

I don’t mind other guys dancing with my girl
That’s fine, I know them all pretty well

Ewwwww, what about germs?! Doesn’t matter if you “know” them. You are supposed to maintain 6 feet of space and shouldn’t really be getting together for social gatherings like dances. Infection can be undetectable for days. People, including young people, can carry the virus but not display symptoms for weeks. So, the “kids” may not be “alright” and could compromise the immune systems of those who are much weaker.

1. “Imminence Front

The sun shines
And people forget…
Forget they’re hiding

“Hiding” is really a poor way at looking at self-isolation. Don’t think of it as hiding, so much as giving space and relief to hospitals and nurses. If we don’t overwhelm the hospitals things will go smoother. Plus, at this rate, we are going to miss much nicer weather and events if we don’t put this virus on ice. That requires co-operation.

All jokes aside even the band, The Who knows that Coronavirus is no joke and have cancelled their upcoming tour. Don’t be an April Fool stay home and listen to the Who on Cottage Country mix.

The Who is featured on:

” I Can See For Miles” appears Cottage Country Mix Vol. 2
“Bargain” appears on Cottage Country Mix Vol. 9
“Can’t Explain”appears on Cottage Country Mix Vol. 11
“Eminence Front” appears on Cottage Country Mix Vol. 22

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