Day 6/10 Album Challenge: Topas – “Topas”(1980)

Day 6 in 10 day album challenge banner for Topas "Topas"(1980)

As hard rock albums go "Topas" soars high above the rest on wings of gold, green boots and zero topaz (?) This is another one of those relatively obscure rock albums, like Sir Lord Baltimore (that also made our 10-day album challenge) in that both bands were on a major label, but unfortunately had very …

Bands In The Woods Wednesday: Beastie Boys – “So Wat’cha Want” Video

Beastie Boys staring at the camera in the woods from "So What You Want" Video

Howdy ho. Back again for another Bands In The Woods Wednesday, today in anticipation of the Spike Jones Documentary (coming out on the 24th), we have Beastie Boys' iconic video from 1992's Check Your Head album, "So What'Cha Want". Beasties in the woods: the illest MFs from here to the Gardenia. The Beastie Boys …

Local Lady Still ‘Keeps Her Motor Clean’

Woman doing maintenance under the hood of an SUV while holding a manual.

It has been a while since the 80s but Susan Higgins, 45, from Toronto still manages to keep her motor clean, despite being extremely busy now with work and family life. She has managed to do this, throughout the years, with regular maintenance and takes it in, often to a skilled specialist. More Rock And …

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