Holiday Gifts for the Outdoorsy: Gentlemen’s Hardware Campfire Survival All Weather Waterproof Playing Cards

Whether surviving boredom or the wilderness, Gentlemen’s Hardware is solid piece of edutainment.

If you are looking for a cheap holiday gift for the outdoorsy type, look no further than the Gentlemen’s Hardware Campfire Survival All Weather Waterproof Playing Cards to stuff your stocking.

Card games are ideal for passing the time during those winter months at the cabin or more importantly out in the wilds of the forest during the summer. There are an infinite amount of card games that you can play alone or as a group (co-operatively or in competition). There is poker, solitaire or a personal favourite Choh Dai Di (if you live in Ontario you know what’s up) to fill in the gaps or create some group engagement while you bask in nature. Now, contrary to the company name you needn’t be a gentlemen, in fact my girlfriend bought this for herself as an add-on. You just need to be someone who is looking for cool, sophisticated waterproof playing cards. Now, because they are waterproof they are ideal for more outdoor use. It doesn’t take a genius to see why rain, lakeside or poolside water can be bad for playing cards and if one card is marked or ruined the whole deck is effectively ruined for many games.

These cards are pretty stylish, you got to know when to hold them (for yourself) or know when to gift them.

However, what sets the Campfire Survival Playing Cards apart from the “pack” is that these cards contain helpful outdoor tips on them (i.e. outdoor camping tips, different rope ties and knots) all in a stylish package that makes them a fun entertaining and educational resource when you are camping or even at the cottage. Don’t forget you may not have reception or battery power for your cellphone, which could makes these cards invaluable.

Now, the only design flaw which became immediate to both of us is that the different colour suits of the playing card are reflected across the entire surface of the playing card. Making it pretty revealing as to which colour suit you are holding. So, keep your eyes on your own cards, buddy. Otherwise, a fun thoughtful idea with a multipurpose, when you are out in the bush multipurpose is the only way to go to keep packing light.

Lemmy thinks you should play more card games.

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