7 Things To Do On A Rainy Day At The Cottage

Seminal west-coast Canadian rockers, Trooper, once said, “The sun can’t shine every day”. This is true and begs the question: what does one do at the Cottage if the weather is not in your favour? There are plenty of things to do, even though you may be stuck inside.

7. Read a book


Although we would rather be reading on the sunny dock (trust me we would rather be doing anything on the dock) a rainy day is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some reading. There is a book on any subject of interest. Forgot to bring a book?Maybe there is a library there, read something you normally wouldn’t. If you have internet access download something new.

6. Catch up on sleep


The clean air in cottage country is usually exceptional, combine with the quietness, it can lead to some of the most epic sleeps of all time. So, why noy take in all that goodness by catching up on sleep, thereby reserving your energy for sunnier climbs. The pitter patter of rain is the perfect soundtrack to get some much needed ZZZzzs.


5. Play board games


Although the allure of mobile games will be palpable, why not open things up and get some group engagement by playing a card game or board game. First off, nothing boring about board games, just boring people. It’s amazing how a little healthy competition can bring people out of their proverbial shell. Plan ahead to ensure the game accommodates the amount of guests/players you have. Fact: the people that don’t play, usually end up hovering over the game or feigning interest in the corner, like they wished they had played. We see you!

4. Stock Up

Besides food, find out what else you are missing: download our Cottage checklist

Rainy days may not be the best day to go sightseeing but these are usually the best days to mosey into town and stock up. While you are moseying, why not saunter into the grocery store and pick up food for an epic indoor feast. (*Don’t mosey or saunter, locals hate that).



3. Make food


Now that you are stocked up let’s make some food, because eating delicious food is never boring and will probably stop all the other indoor activities (as listed above) dead in their tracks. Indoor meals, things like pasta or tacos can be a welcomed change of pace after days of barbecued food. Now before you say: “Hey, you already put eating food as an activity on your other list.” I will say: “Yes, I did.”

2. Watch a movie


Although, hardline cottage enthusiasts may scoff at the use of televisions, a rainy day is the perfect atmosphere to watch movies. So why not watch a movie? Make sure you come prepared if internet is not available. If you forget, you can usually find DVDs / Blu-rays pretty much anywhere on the way (hardware stores, gas stations, pharmacies or corner stores) usually for cheap. Because of this, people often buy them and leave them at the cottage. So there may be some left but then you are subject to whatever is there.

But what movie to watch? Keep watching this blog for movie reviews! 

1. Embrace it!


…Or if you have the right clothes (boots, rain coat or bathing suit), the right attitude and provided it’s warm enough, why not go outside in the rain and check things out. Maybe do some fishing? Who are we kidding? Stay inside, party indoors and listen to The Cottage Country Mix.

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