The 6 Most Misheard Lyrics in Rock And Roll

A montage of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Mark Knopler, Elton John, Angus Young and Brian Johnson

In the world of rock music it is easy to have your words misconstrued but more often it is easier to have your words misheard altogether. So, is going to take a look at the lyrics everybody seems to get wrong and the ridiculous things they think they hear. So, clean the dirt out …

Beer Review: Iron Maiden’s Trooper Sun And Steel Beer

A frosty silver can of beer sits on a cooler in the woods

This beast from East is all in its sake yeast, as we review Iron Maiden's New Sake Lager, Sun And Steel! "Run To the Hills!" from Iron Maiden came to mind as we finally got the opportunity to take our first camping trip of the season 2020! With tent, folding chair and cooler in tow …

Just in time for Summer… New DJ Mix ‘CABIN FEVER’!

A bear with sunglasses stands in a cabin. 'Cabin Fever' is written in Saturday Night Fever font.

Can't bear another moment indoors? Cottage Mixtape has the remedy with a fine selection of disco rock tunes. The walls are closing in, the temperature is rising and a bear is drinking all the beer. This is definitely a case of full blown Saturday night live cabin fever. Here at, we have you covered. …

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