Rockwood Cinema Review: Backcountry (2014)

Banner for the Review of Backcountry showing a concerned woman wearing a backpack

Camping Tip: if you NEVER want to go camping ever again, then watch Backcountry (2014) Today in Rockwood Cinema Review (with a focus on outdoor movies), we are going to take a look at Backcountry (2014) (also released as Black Foot Trail). Directed by Adam MacDonald and based on a true incident involving a bear …

Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith Pens Forthcoming Autobiography About… Fishing?

Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) Holding a giant fish in the woods juxtaposition him in 80s with a guitar in front of Union Jack

Iron Maiden guitarist's new book is all about a popular outdoor pastime: playing giant outdoor festivals to millions of fans and... fishing. Adrian Smith, guitarist for Iron Maiden has a new book coming out about his love of fishing... oh and about playing in one of the biggest Heavy Metal bands in Rock and Roll …

Only if you are a real Fleetwood Mac and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fan will you get this meme.

Band photo of Fleetwood Mac in the 70s, with a question mark and arrow pointing down to the top of another cut off picture

Just a little something to get over the hump (day) with this Fleetwood Mac and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia meme. I got the cast picked for the biography. Dennis is of course Lindsey Buckingham. and Frank as Mick Fleetwood (Mick Frankwood). But where is Mac (played by Rob McElhenney)? There is no Mac. With …

The Last Cottage Country Mix For Summer 2019 Is Here!

Hooded figure sits paddling in boat on the dark water with a mirror-like reflection in a cool blue on a lake at dusk or dawn

One more time for the night owls, we had to come with one last Cottage Country mix for 2019 - Vol. 23. That's right, another slab of rockin' late tunes for your outdoor party. Plus some mellow tunes to put out the fire. Includes tracks by The Velvet Underground, Boston, Jefferson Starship, Greg Kihn Band, plus many more.

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