Watch Rush’s New Animated Video for “The Spirit Of Radio”

Rush’s new video is a tribute to Neil Peart and lovingly shows the evolution of radio with the band.

Just in time for the weekend, Rush has just released a loving tribute to Neil Peart with an animated video for their classic track, “Spirit Of Radio“. In celebration of their new 40th Anniversary reissue of “Permanent Waves”, the video is not only a tribute to Neil but a fitting tribute to radio itself, illustrating its invention, and evolution as a worldwide medium, including historical figures such as Guglielmo Marconi, its inventor and DJ/ Historian, Donna Halper, who was an early supporter of Rush in Boston and instrumental in their success.

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So, the “Spirit Of Radio” video also interweaves Rush’s own pictorial evolution of the band with radio history… and its pretty damn good.

Rush’s Permanent Waves 40th Anniversary Reissue is available now at

“Spirit Of Radio” is also feature on Cottage Country Mix Vol. 21.

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