45 Fridays: Ron Neilson’s “Can’t Wait Till Summer”

Check out these hosers “chilling in the park”. People probably think this is a Canadian pastime. It is but usually in March.

With all this snow, we are all thinking about it. Ron Neilson knows too. I managed to pick this up yesterday, and let’s just say the picture is worth the price of admission alone. Listening to it, the music itself (like the cold snowy weather)…is not that bad. The A-side has a janky rock-reggae thing going on (think Joni Mitchell, Guess Who, Trooper vibes) with some pretty audacious vocals. However, the b-side is pretty killer though heavy “AOR” vibes, with some heavy guitar work and synth work. What’s more it was produced by Daniel Lanois! Here created as: “Danny (Splice Wizard) Lanois.” That’s right it couldn’t get more Canadian then a bunch of hoser hanging out in the park like its summer.

Produced by Danny (Splice Wizard) Lanois, wonder what he went on to do?

Its a rare one. So, rare we submitted it from our Cottage Country Mix Discogs profile (feel free to add us) . Also, check out the sounds below via our instagram:

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