The 6 Most Misheard Lyrics in Rock And Roll

A montage of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Mark Knopler, Elton John, Angus Young and Brian Johnson

In the world of rock music it is easy to have your words misconstrued but more often it is easier to have your words misheard altogether. So, is going to take a look at the lyrics everybody seems to get wrong and the ridiculous things they think they hear. So, clean the dirt out …

The Last Cottage Country Mix For Summer 2019 Is Here!

Hooded figure sits paddling in boat on the dark water with a mirror-like reflection in a cool blue on a lake at dusk or dawn

One more time for the night owls, we had to come with one last Cottage Country mix for 2019 - Vol. 23. That's right, another slab of rockin' late tunes for your outdoor party. Plus some mellow tunes to put out the fire. Includes tracks by The Velvet Underground, Boston, Jefferson Starship, Greg Kihn Band, plus many more.

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