Top 10 Rock Songs for Jumping in the Lake 💦

A set of photographs of people jumping in the lake

Jump in! As we dive into the Top 10 Best Rock Songs For Jumping in the Lake? Jumping into a lake on a hot summer's day can be as thrilling as...well... rock and roll, but what rock tunes get you jumping head first? Let's take a long walk off a short dock as plunges …

Rockwood Cinema Review: Camp Cucamonga (1990)

Banner for Camp Cucamonga (1990) Review with Jennifer Aniston

Q: What does Jennifer Aniston (from Friends), Mötley Crüe, Cliff (from Cheers), DJ Tanner (from Full House), Urkel (from Family Matters) and Winnie Cooper AND Paul (from Wonder Years) have in common? A: This pile of flaming, camp garbage, Camp Cucamonga! The cast and crüe from Camp Cucamonga. Sherman Hemsley already distancing himself from this …

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