Rockwood Cinema Review: Continental Divide (1981)

Banner for the review of Continental Divide, Jim Belushi stands near train tracks, there is a woman in background with her back turned to him.

Continental breakfast included in The Continental Divide. Strap on the hiking backpack as we cross the rockies in The Continental Divide (1981) on today's Rockwood Cinema Review, starring John Belushi in this rom/com/drom that would sadly be he his second last performance. It's always the writer or reporter looking to escape to the 'great outdoors' …

Rockwood Cinema Review: Evil Dead (1981)

Ash from Evil Dead holding a lantern and descending a dark staircase. Today, in Rockwood Cinema Reviews we take a look at another cabin horror classic, Evil Dead (1981)! October is an important month for Evil Dead. Not only is it the month of Halloween, but it also coincides with Sam Raimi's birthday (born October 23, 1959) and the movie Evil Dead itself debut on October …

Rockwood Cinema Review: Cabin Fever (2002)

A man in front of a cabin holds his hand to his face in disgust. The forest floor is covered in leaves.

"If you go in the woods be very careful." Four friends descend on a cabin to celebrate, what could possibly go wrong? We are going full 'cabin fever' here at with our new Rock /Disco DJ mix, Cabin Fever, and since we do the occasional outdoor movie review, it only seems 'natural' to look …

Sick Of The Indoors? This List Of Outdoor Movies Should Help

Illustration: Dan Aykroyd gleefully holding a fishing rod that has John Candy hooked and suspended who stares angrily at Dan. not only has 24 hours of rock dj mixes to shake things up at your encampment, but we also enjoy watching movies too. So, what better time to watch some outdoor movies, since getting out these days is limited. Check our Cottage, Cabin & Camping Movie List featuring a long list of outdoor movies …

Rockwood Cinema Review: White Fang (1991)

Scene from White Fang where Ethane Hawke sits holding food in his hand. A husky mix dog sitting near him looks attentively.

With all the hype of the recent "Call Of The Wild" (2020) movie, starring Harrison Ford, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at another similar movie from 1991, White Fang. The film is all about "The Great Outdoors", well it's more like "The Often Terrifying and Totally Inhospitable Outdoors", but it still remains a good watch, read our review.

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